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  1. Introduction of Numerology
  2. Basic of Numerology
  3. Elements
  4. Alphabatics & Values
  5. Elements-Fire
  6. Elements-Water
  7. Elements-Earth
  8. Elements-Air
  9. Relationship Between Element
  10. Fire and Air
  11. Fire and Water
  12. Fire and Earth
  13. Water and Earth
  14. Water and Air
  15. Earth and Air

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Anonymous said...

Asalam Alaikum,
Mr. Waqar you have done a good job. I like to learn Numerology from a long time but I have found a good teacher like you. Thanks for this act of serving.

Anonymous said...

Hi Waqar !
it is nice to understand easily someone through name. It realy Amazing. Thanks alot

Anonymous said...

sir jee aap ne tou logo ko samajhna bohat asan tareeke se samjha dia. aap or videos kab rakhen ge. itna main ne seekh lia hai or seekhna chahta hoon

Sinu Yadav said...

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cclastrotech said...

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Anish Pradhi said...

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